Enterprise 3.0: new representations, new markets

DiamondExchangeLater this week, NewsFutures will have another great opportunity to introduce prediction markets into the consciousness of mighty American businessmen and women.

At the invitation of the organizers of the September 2007 DiamondExchange event, CEO Emile Servan-Schreiber will take part in a panel discussion on “technologies to raise your organization’s IQ” led by Chunka Mui, author of Unleashing the Killer App. The exclusive event features an outstanding list of speakers including Marvin Zonis, professor emeritus of the University of Chicago, Dan Bricklin, inventor of VisiCalc, Cory Ondrejka, who leads the team developing Second Life, and Ray Kurtzweil, who needs no introduction a all.

The event, titled “Enterprise 3.0: new representations, new markets”, is organized by the high-powered consulting firm Diamond (Nasdaq: DTPI). It’s nice to see that, having preceded the “Web 2.0” bubble, prediction markets are already moving past it and being associated with the number 3…

The GreenbrierThe event will be held at the famous Greenbrier, in White Sulfur Springs, WV, whose tag line is “defining luxury since 1778” ! Needless to say, we look forward to this fantastic opportunity to discuss and explore the virtues of prediction markets with this particular crowd.

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